I bought my first can of salt-packed anchovies last night. $22 for a can of fish! The thing weighs as much as a brick, though. Somehow I was not expecting there to be liquid in the can - pinkish brine, thick with salt crystals. Smelled of the ocean. The fish were also bigger than I'm used to - four-inch headless bodies with slick, silvery skin. I soaked two in warm water for ten minutes and lifted the fillets off each side of the skeleton. They were delicious and bright, and only as fishy as seaweed, which I was not expecting. I chopped them up and melted the rosy bits in some olive oil with garlic and onion, cooking that down with some canned chickpeas and a pinch of dried chile. Finished with a flurry of minced parsley and lemon. Delicious! I think I will be eating anchovies for weeks, though.

*Scott made me add us to your blog, Greg. Sorry for the coup d'etat.